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Training puppies for needs

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Defecation is a natural action for every animal and human, without defecation at the right time and place, the hygienic reproductive system, kidneys and stomach may be damaged and contaminated.

We as educated human beings do our needs in the toilet. Yet the animal that does not understand human language is driven by a system of habits and expectations and sanctions.

Training puppies for needs is a very simple training that can be performed both at home and independently while maintaining and maintaining consistent behavior.

What is the significance of defecating in animals and dogs in particular?

Beyond the physiological need of defecation, there is another and especially critical meaning to defecation especially among the puppies
The dogs. Needs mean, as most of us know marking territory and kind of declaring ownership of the marked area.

Training the dog to defecate outdoors It is very important to start the dog defecating in the places and areas that have been determined by the dog owners. The meaning of defecation is the same as a declaration of control, in the canine center it is repeatedly said that control in the owner's home must be in his hands.

In another case where the dog does at home as his cook and imposes his needs in every corner the control in the house and in the home territory passes to the dog and thus also his behavioral form will be affected as he continues to grow by poor to non-existent discipline.

In many cases where owners come to us with a dog who does not obey orders, the owners complain that they feel the dog is the owner of the house and they function within the pets, this is the continuity of poor initial training, lack of training and inconsistency during training processes.

At what age can you start taming a puppy for needs?

The initial age for training the puppy for needs The perfect age for training puppies for needs is three months since until the age of three months the puppy is not vaccinated and may be infected with diseases and viruses in cases of contact with other animals outside the home.

Therefore the recommendation is to take a puppy from the age of three months, vaccinate him and only then start educating him for needs outside the home.

Interested in more information about training puppies for needs? Interested in a trainer to the house to stop the puddles of urine in every corner?

Contact us today or leave details and the rescue team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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