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Training puppies

The Amos Shibuli dog center brings you puppy training services for all levels.
With us, you can train your puppy for the most basic and advanced discipline.

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Bite problem in puppies


Educating puppies designed to be working dogs

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Training puppies for needs

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Puppy education

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Why is it important to tame the puppy?

Puppy education is an important step in making the initial contact with the dog and outlining the nature of the future contact with our beloved dog in adulthood. Similar to human education in dog education it is advisable to start as early as possible.

It involves instilling the right tools and habits from the age of three months: preventing needs at home, preventing causing damage in the home and yard, preventing behavior that does not suit the dog's surroundings (jumping on people, biting while playing and more.

Puppy education allows for clear boundaries to be set that help the puppy adapt more easily to his new home as well as assimilate the conditions in a positive way by reinforcements. Puppy education is even more important in giving us and our dog the initial tools on which the common language, which will be learned later, as part of the training will be based.

Puppy Training and Education Framework:

Dana practices "Stay"

Puppy education starts from the age of two months to four and a half months and includes 4-3 sessions that accompany the family and the puppy as it develops.

What do puppy training sessions include?

Diagnosing the puppy and dealing with him.

Providing a theoretical basis for further training.

Coordinating expectations (what can be achieved with the puppy and what the family wants)

Of course practical work.

Having trouble growing your gourmet? You're not alone! We have compiled for you three common problems in raising puppies >>

What happens during puppy education classes?

Zohar and Bobby practice the "Shavei" command

In the lessons we will refer to the location of the puppy in the house.

Puppy care.

Feeding and feeding the puppy.

Puppy care


Specific behavioral problems.

setting boundaries.

Beginning to learn commands (conditions) in a positive way in the form of reinforcements only.

These exercises improve the puppy's connection and communication with the owner develops the dog's learning ability.

Puppy tests

There are puppy tests that are designed to determine the puppy's future destiny, and to understand what the future work that the dog is supposed to perform in adulthood should look like. read more

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