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Training working dogs

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Training of working dogs
Practice Suit Work - Loaded with Dog Training Crops Training a dog as a work dog designed for a specific purpose always begins with a diagnosis that aims to examine the dog's instincts and physical and mental abilities.
Guard work consists of a number of instincts, including: territoriality, hunting instinct, defensive instinct, combat instinct; As well as character traits: initiative, temperament, dominance and self-confidence.
When we come to work with a dog intended for training as a guard / protection dog, we must first examine the existence of all these passions and character traits in the dog and then set a clear goal: guarding territory, a dog for personal accompaniment, a dog for assault and the like.
Practicing Watchdog Suit Work - Loaded with Dog Training Crops In practice, the work is divided into two main stages: first building and developing the natural instincts inherent in the dog and then channeling these instincts for the purpose.

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Training a dog as a watchdog or dog for personal protection requires great care and responsibility. Training a dog for protection without being able to control it is like holding a loaded gun. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the dog has undergone basic discipline training and is controlled by its owner.

Work frame

There are various work frameworks but the basis is to adapt the work frame to the dog, its owner and the purpose of training.



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