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Educating puppies designed to be working dogs

חינוך גורים המיועדים להיות כלבי עבודה: Image

Key emphases in choosing and raising a puppy

Choosing the generation before the education process Here are some key emphases in choosing the puppy and raising him in relation to the critical periods, proper exposure, ways to develop passions and learning the important conditions with regard to several types of work:

• Watchdogs
• Dogs for personal protection / escort
Dogs for competitions - IPO
• Sniffer dogs


Leading instinct: Territoriality
Important character traits: suspicion, initiative, aggressiveness.

Watch dogs up to the age of 4 months, it is important to expose the puppy to the world in which he is supposed to function. Since the watchdog does not leave its territory, extensive exposure to a wide range of stimuli is not required, the emphasis should be on its exposure to stimuli in the immediate environment in which it is expected to function. Moreover, unnecessary contact with humans can hurt the puppy’s natural suspicion.

Around the age of 4.5 months you can start with "irritations", the puppy should be tied up or behind a fence so that he feels protected. A stranger ("object") will approach him suspiciously and slowly and when the puppy responds to any reaction the object quickly escapes and disappears.

The process should be repeated several times a day, when slowly the object escapes only if the puppy's reaction is sufficiently aggressive.
During all puppies do not meet the puppy with people other than its owner, he can see people but only from a distance and when he is enclosed or tied.

Accompanying dog

Leading instincts: battle instinct, defense, territoriality and to some extent, game instinct (free).
Leadership, dominance, suspicion, initiative, initiative and toughness.

For the development of a companion dog, a lot of exposure to the world is required, gradually from the age of two months to the age of 8-10 months. From the age of two months to 4.5 months - bite games for development created battle and especially fry.

From the age of 4.5 months, suspicion and aggression can be developed by remote irritation, in two situations, one when the puppy is held by the practice, when it spurs him on and incorporates a "work order": "save" (or any other command that marks the beginning of work), The second situation, when the puppy is tied up or in a small compound.

At the same time, contact and communication games with the puppy should be held from the age of two months to 5 months. From the age of 5 months you can start training for basic discipline.

Sport dog - IPO

Leading passions: game passions, food passions and battle passions.
Important character traits: perseverance, initiative, driving, toughness to a degree.

During the puppies the puppy should be exposed to the world while the puppy works and concentrates on a ball, food or game with the owner. It is important that the puppy does not deal too much with the stimuli that surround him. From the age of two months to 4.5 months, the focus is on developing fry by playing with a ball and biting games.
At the same time, work on food cravings is required by proper work for discipline and communication games and work on exploration bases.
5 months to 7 months Emphasis on work on developing aggression and defense in two situations: when the dog is held by the practice and when he is tied up. Next, work gradually into an orderly work in all three professions (probing, discipline and defense) according to the professional approach we have chosen.

Sniffer dogs

Leading passions: A play instinct
Important character traits: perseverance, initiative, driving, toughness to a degree

Sniffer Dogs At each puppy stage the puppy should be exposed to the world while playing with a ball.
From the age of two months playing with a ball first, throwing and defending and gradually the puppy has to be hardened and challenged in places where the ball falls and eventually hide the ball and send the puppy looking for it.


חינוך גורים המיועדים להיות כלבי עבודה: Text
חינוך גורים המיועדים להיות כלבי עבודה: Text
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