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Race standard

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Race standard

Country of origin - Germany

The breed standard is the criterion for evaluating the breeders' products in the dog shows and in the suitability tests for raising the breed in Hebrew and KORUNG in German.

The standard presents requirements, and explains them. The dogs that are closest in appearance and character to what is described in the breed standard, receive a high score, and as a result are sought after for breeding. In this way, we preserve, promote and enhance the race.

The German and German Shepherd Dog Club (VEREIN FÜR DEUTSCHE SCHÄFERHUNDE (SV) is located in the city of AUGSBURG in Germany and is responsible for the development of the breed, writing the standard, updating the existing standard, and changes in the standard.

The scientific growth committee located at the club determines which desirable new features enter the standard and which invalid features are removed from the standard.

At the same time, the standard framework leaves room for interpretations, arguments and personal taste, such as: muscle size, bone bones, strength and elegance. Males must have a conspicuously masculine appearance, as must females with a feminine appearance.

As a German Shepherd Dog Standard or in its original language DEUTSCHE SCHÄFERHUND was written in Germany the country of origin of the dog by the German Shepherd Dog Club (VEREIN FÜR DEUTSCHE SCHÄFERHUNDE (SV which belongs to the German Association of VDH Kennels).

All of these are subject to the laws of the FCI (World Federation of Kennels) based in Belgium

The German Shepherd Dog belongs in FCI to group 1 - the group of shepherds.

The purpose of the dog is for work, service and grazing.

Character and behavior

In addition to the balanced performance, the German Shepherd must also be balanced in his character: confident, well-tempered in daily life, attentive and alert to the environment and what is happening around him. The German Shepherd dog is endowed with mental resilience and great self-confidence all of these together with the strong desire to please its owner give the dog the appropriate qualities for a working dog, accompaniment, guarding, protection, grazing and service.

Head structure

The head is peg-shaped and proportional to the size of the body and itself suitable for the male or female dog. A large dog should have a large head. The ratio of skull to nozzle is 50% -50%.

The STOP separating the skull from the spout should be clearly gradual but not overly pronounced.

The structure of the nose

The straight nose is neither convex nor concave and tight lips without excess skin and strong upper and lower jaws.

The color of the nose must be black.

On the right a balanced female head with a lot of power with an excellent expression.

On the left a balanced male head with a lot of power and an excellent expression.

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The structure of the teeth
The number of teeth in the dog's mouth should be 42 according to the formula. The bite should be a scissor bite i.e. the incisors should overlap each other in a scissor structure. Any spacing between the teeth is a mistake. The upper and lower jaw bones must be strong and powerful.

The size of the eyes is medium in almond structure, slightly slanted with a dark color that creates an impressive look and expression. Bright eyes are not desirable.

The ears should be upright in medium size and perpendicular to the head and not tilted to the sides. The ears are pointed at the edges and the earpiece is turned inwards. Dropped ears or side bars are a mistake. Ears turned back while resting or working are not considered an error.

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The dog's neck
The dog's neck should be muscularly strong without excess skin. The angle of the neck is 45 degrees to the body.

The body of the dog
The body line should be continuous and flow from the base of the neck through the high shoulder blade from there to the straight back and the waist that slopes slightly.
The structure of the back is medium in length, stable, strong and very muscular. The waist should be long and slightly sloping at an angle of 23 degrees. The tail is a continuation of the body line without any disturbance (step).

The dog's chest
The chest should be medium in width, the lower chest line long and distinct. Chest depth should be between
45% -48% of the height measured in the ribs.

Rib structure
The ribs should be in a medium arched structure rather than a barrel structure.

The tail
The length of the tail reaches at least to the heels but does not touch the ground. The tail is rich in fur and is hung down as a continuation of the back. In motion or at work the tail is raised slightly but not beyond the horizontal line of the body. Broken tail This is a disqualifying error.

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Anterior limbs
Straight and perpendicular to the ground, from every possible angle. The limbs are completely parallel to the front.
The ideal angle between the shoulder blade and the arm bone is 90 ° but can reach 110 °

Hind limbs
The hind limbs are slightly pulled back The hind limbs are very strong and muscular and parallel to each other when looking back The angle between the thigh and the calf is about 120 °


(Image: Remo Vom Fichtenschlag)

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The German Shepherd Movement
The German Shepherd's movement is his identity card. It is divided into four parts: walking, jogging trot, canter, and gallop.
The regular dog movement in light running is called trot and it characterizes the German Shepherd. Proper anatomy produces correct movement. Thus the hind and front limbs should be balanced and coordinated in their length and angles, while maintaining a stable back.
Body structure in the right proportions given at right angles creates movement and a space quota that creates the impression of efficient, effortless free movement. The head is pushed forward, the back is straight and not flickering and the slightly raised tail creates a consistent and continuous trot movement.

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The German Shepherd appears in two fur configurations. Medium fur - short-haired German shepherd and long-haired - long-haired German shepherd. Both types of fur contain bottom fur
Medium fur - The upper fur should be very dense, slightly hard and tight. Short on the skull including on the inside of the ears. Short on the front of the legs, paws and toes, more abundant hair on the dog's neck and on the back of the limbs.
Long fur - The upper fur should be long, soft and not tight, with tassels on the ears and a feather on the limbs.

Fur color
The colors allowed in the German Shepherd are black and reddish brown, brown to yellowish brown with light gray markings, solid black color, gray with darker markings, black saddle with dark mask.
A white spot on the chest is forgiven but undesirable.
White fur color is not allowed.

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